Truth, Fiction and Strangers

by Mexican Knights

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The new MK record. We hope you like it.


released December 8, 2014

Paul Beattie - Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Harry Brayne - Guitar, Additional Field Recording

Additional Guitar on 'Mountainside' by Uncle Jim



all rights reserved


Mexican Knights Sheffield, UK

Paul is in Sheffield. Harry is in Moscow.

When we can, we make music.

It sounds like this.

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Track Name: Further
could it be that I was blinded by the light of your halo?
further down the rabbit hole I descend
Track Name: Scandinavian Summer
blonde hair and blue eyes
struck dumb by the archetype
far out and no doubt
I need to be yours tonight

in the depths of the dream you are
falling into my arms again

like a scandinavian summer
there's too many hours in the day
we're only in love when I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming the time away

sleeping soundly
beneath the monument
dead to the world I once knew

in the light of the day I am drowning
sorrows away

past the point of no return

like a scandinavian summer
there's too many hours in the day
we're only in love when I'm dreaming
so dreaming is how I’ll stay
Track Name: Mountainside
there’s nothing more to say now
but you can shout about it
from the mountainside above
all the streets and houses
and in the world below they’ll hear
but they won’t understand it
must we do as we are told
because our gods demand it?

and the sun sets over
the last days of your reign
and the world is set aflame
and the seas are boiled dry
and your people call your name
you’ve broken your word again
Track Name: Juliette
standing outside your door
I found out why you don't return my calls anymore
have I been haunting you my love for so long?

break my heart and I will mend it
turn the page, spoil the ending
in time you'll find out how
it was worth it all

your profile in silhouette is all that I recall
and all that I require
dancing as the flames grow higher still

another year and nothing changes
another year and nothing’s changed at all
I could have been the one you wanted
I could have been the one who took it all
in time you’ll find I saved you
in time you’ll find I saved you all
Track Name: Watch TV
don't go out on friday night
we'll stay at home
we'll be alright
just shoot up and watch TV
’cos that's all life's become to me

so I'm waiting for the day
when all of this will fade
and I gladly shed the tear
if it keeps you near

don’t go out on saturday
we’ll stay at home
we’ll hide away
just shoot up and watch TV
is this all that my life can be?

I can’t take any more
fall asleep on the floor again tonight
could there be more than this?
die a little with every kiss
Track Name: Fragment (one)
if I became
a wayward soul
would you be mine?
ask for answers I could never find

if I return
with tales to tell
and dreams to trade
could you be the last mistake I made?

time and tide wait for no man
the hurt inside was part of your plan
open eyes see all that they can
yet I'm chastised when I am who I am

when we recall
these golden days
will we resign
the crowning hours of our love to decline?

if you can glimpse
'neath this disguise
and test your aim
this fragile fragment all that will remain
Track Name: Lonely Satellite
I won’t cry now
I know you’re gone and there ain’t no coming back
I can’t save your life
I am the son
you’re my lonely satellite